1.  Cool is Inclusive Over Exclusive. 

We are proud to serve all people, in any walk of life, in any neighborhood. 

2.  Cool is Challenge. 

We push ourselves to best our previous efforts.  Plateaus are flat and we are climbers.  

3.  Cool is Responsible. 

We recognize that we all play a position.  Every one of us is beholden to the rest for our collective success.

 4.  Cool is Future Focused.  

We look forward.  We are all the time playing the long game.  The place we are from doesn’t exist anymore.  

5.  Cool is One Day at a Time.   

Sometimes it’s one hour, one quarter at a time.  It is recognizing that achieving larger goals comes from winning many smaller tasks.  The days add up.  

6.  Cool is Organized.  

Efficiency is king.  Record your steps so others can follow and our legions will grow. 

7.  Cool is Taking Chances.   

We wear our losses like badges of honor.  We keep swinging.  

8.  Cool is Classic.

We embody attitude without the ego.  

9.  Cool is Finding the Way.

There is always a path.  Average is for elsewhere.  

10.  Cool is Giving LOVE. 

We give without an expectation of return.  There is no scoreboard in cool.